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For one, this thing, that in some way your existence is on stake here, that you are saying, this uncertainty is hard to bear — that you do not know how the rent is going to come around in the future. A potential short-coming of the present study pertains to the nature of the control condition, which consisted of taking notes silently. dissertation writing guidelines Speech rate is defined as the number of spoken units e.

And then also the interpersonal issue, that you are saying you are disappointed of her, because you helped her, and in return you get this now, right? The therapist provides support and at the same time acts as a model, teaching the client to tolerate, verbalize, and integrate their feelings. This notion, which has gained ample empirical support, holds that processing emotional conflicts within a safe and empathic environment is necessary for therapeutic change Bridges, Toward a mechanistic psychology of dialogue.

Views Read Edit View history. Articles containing Latin-language text Articles containing Ancient Greek-language text. help my essay on reading books for class 10 Valence ratings pertaining to the current emotional state were assessed during the interview along with psychophysiological and voice recordings. You might reflect back the whole sentence, or you might select a few words — or even one single word — from what the client has brought. After each of the 10 descriptions, the interviewer responded by either paraphrasing or taking notes control condition.

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The author of the appropriate summary, on the other hand, must have understood Klatsky's original paragraph. Effective communication during an influenza pandemic: Please enable Javascript We've worked hard to update this site with the latest technology.

Mimicry and prosocial behavior. Patient-rated therapeutic relationship and outcome in general practitioner treatment of psychological problems. Paraphrasing meaning in psychology The main ideas need to come through, but the wording has to be your own. It should also be mentioned that this study focused exclusively on short-term emotional reactions to paraphrasing, in order to obtain a constitutional data base illustrating the regulatory effect of this communicational technique. Because such a task is different in important ways from the kinds of tasks long term memory is usually called upon to perform, our findings are somewhat questionable Klatsky,

When the light was red, trains could not go Wikipedia. If you look at your studies to become a counsellor or psychotherapist, you paraphrase in class. Paraphrasing meaning in psychology Again, replication of the results based on larger groups of study participants is called for.

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Motivation in Person perception: To achieve this, we conducted interviews on real-life social conflicts currently experienced by our participants. The authors declare that the research was conducted in the absence of any commercial or financial relationships that could be construed as a potential conflict of interest.

Specifically, we expected valence ratings to be more positive after paraphrasing. Emotion regulation research to date has mainly focused on an individualistic point of view emphasizing control mechanisms in the individual, such as attention deployment, cognitive reappraisal, or the willful suppression of emotional expressions Gross and Thompson, ; Butler and Gross, ; Rime, Rogers considered empathy, positive regard, and congruence both necessary and sufficient conditions for therapeutic change Rogers, ,

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Based on the literature reviewed above, we hypothesized that empathic paraphrasing would lead to a reduction of negative emotion in the situation of talking about the conflict. The interviewer further informed participants that she would try to understand their perspective, and sometimes summarize what she understood so far, while at other times take notes to help her memorize certain things and have them present over the course of the interview. Paraphrasing meaning in psychology I consent to having CounsellorTutor collect my name and email. Means M , standard deviations SD , t -, p -, and d -values of all parameters in intervention and control condition. A paraphrase reflects the essence of what has been said.

Hence, within the clinical setting empathy entails not only cognitive and affective components but also a behavioral component to communicate understanding to the patient, i. These findings strongly support the hypothesis that paraphrasing, which involves a certain degree of language matching and bears parallels to mimicry on a verbal level, administrates emotional and socio-cognitive effects on the person being paraphrased. Paraphrasing meaning in psychology However, it would be interesting to compare the effects of mimicry and paraphrasing on emotion in future studies, as well as to study verbal mimicry or matching more extensively in the context of distressing conversations such as social conflict discussions. Conclusion and directions for future research The present study provides first experimental evidence that offering cognitive empathy through paraphrasing extrinsically regulates emotion in social conflict.

For example, "The signal was red" might be paraphrased as "The train was not allowed to pass because the signal was red". On a similar vein, according to the interactive-alignment account of dialog, the success of any given conversation depends on the extent of the conversation partners arriving at a common understanding of the relevant aspects of what they are talking about, i. Paraphrasing meaning in psychology Data were smoothed using a six point Gaussian filter. A paraphrase is usually introduced with verbum dicendi —a declaratory expression to signal the transition to the paraphrase.

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